Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Wow is it raining here! BF just called and told me the lawn furniture is all over the yard, the table is in pieces and the umbrella (which is an old, huge heavy table umbrella) is now stuck in the garden fence. Le sigh. I would be more pissed off if the deer hadn't already eaten most of the garden, so I guess it was good SOMEBODY got to enjoy all those vegetables!

I have my first class of the fall semester tonight. If it wasn't for tonight's class today would have been a good stay at home and watch movies day. The Yarn Tree is one of my favorite things about my day. It seems like all your day's worries just can't fit through the doorway there, so they have to stay out on the sidewalk until you leave. I enjoy every minute I'm in the store and I love enabling, er I mean teaching new students. I just have to watch the fiber spending - my house is starting to be overrun with tribbles in ziploc bags. Gotta get spinning and reduce the herd.

Gotta watch The Shield tonight too. Hopefully I'll get home early enough to catch the beginning.

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