Friday, January 13, 2012

A Knitting/Spinning weekend

I'm getting ready to leave the office and head over to the Hilton for Vogue Knitting Live! It's going to be a fun weekend - I get to do fibery things and socialize with other people who share this craziness. But it's also going to be stressful. Because I am teaching. 0_o And doing a demo on the main stage. Eeeep!

I'm sure everything will be fine, but it's the not knowing what to expect that's the killer. I always stress out a little before I teach a new class. But this is a bigger class this time. I just want to do a good job and have my students tell me they really had fun and they learned a lot. And I don't want to stutter or forget stuff or have vegetables in my teeth.

Maybe that's why I had so many challenges thrown my way this week. Maybe it was to distract me from REALLY stressing out. Or maybe it was so I could overcome those challenges to think I could accomplish anything. Work was a PITA. New (earlier) hours this week (I get to leave the house 45 minutes earlier and I get home 15 minutes earlier - that's fair), a store visit on Monday, and a barrage of ZOMG WHY IS THIS WRONG??? when I got back. All of which I got to answer "Because you asked for it that way." And then an email of "MLK DAY is not a holiday this year" followed an hour later (after a lot of bitching) by an email that said "Whoops! I meant it IS a holiday!" 0_o

A week of four hours/night of sleep, a broken dryer, a septic tank that's full and a lack of funds until payday was the tune at home. Plus a bunny who is eating, but still not like he used to, and who occasionally sneezes loudly and vocally to scare the crap out of us.

Then there was the email about the VKL teachers reception which said to wear your red handknits. I don't have any red handknits! So I will be finishing (hopefully) my red handspun/handknit moebius scarf sometime before Sunday night. And then the student in the wheel class who doesn't have a wheel, and the shipment of 12 bags of fiber that was supposed to be 30. I was wondering at what point it would be okay to run away screaming.

The answer is none. Those challenges were shot at me all week for a reason. Like Wonder Woman catching bullets in her bracelets, I dealt with all of it. I didn't have time to sit around and think OMG I'M GOING TO TALK IN FRONT OF A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE!!!!

So, I'm going to send one more email, shut down and hail a cab over to the hotel. Rather than hoping I'm ready for my new students, I'm now hoping they're ready for me.

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