Monday, October 1, 2012

Wool Uncovered - Sheep in Bryant Park

When I heard about the Wool Uncovered event in Bryant Park last Thursday, I contacted The Campaign for Wool to see if we could hold a meetup during the event.  After several emails back and forth, we were given the ok to meet at the event.

The Campaign for Wool, created by HRH Prince Charles, is a campaign to promote the use of this wonderful natural fiber.  They hosted this event which included sheep, wool, rugs, chair covers, tree cozies, home insulation, a mattress, knitters and of course, Spin City-NY.

They even emptied the fountain and covered it with wool!

I scheduled the spinning from 12:00 - 3:00, figuring most people would be working during the day, but could come by at lunch.  I was there from 12:00 until almost 2:00 with my Roadbug wheel. It was warm, but I wore my newly finished Strawberry Lace scarf from my own handspun merino.  (So newly finished that I wove the ends in during the taxi ride from my office to the event!)

Scarf is pictured below in progress.

We had a lot of spinners and drew quite the crowd!  There were plenty of questions from spectators and we were interviewed by several publications.

What a great way to spend a lunch hour! Thank you, Campaign for Wool, for hosting this event!

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