Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why 2010 can go eat a bag of dicks

Don't get me wrong- 2010 wasn't all bad. It just managed to get most of its punches and ninja kicks in in December.

The first punch: early in December I was all excited about the Spin City Holiday Party coming up mid-month. I get a call from the venue that they have a $600 minimum for private parties during the holidays - this is our fourth holiday party there and this is the first I'm hearing of this. After much complaining, I got them to waive the minimum, but it really destroyed my enthusiasm for the event. We actually did end up meeting the minimum, but I feel like they were trying to pull something over on us.

Then came a series of punches and kicks regarding my grandfather. He had part of his foot removed due to circulation problems in his legs. Then they decided he needed to have the whole leg removed from the knee down. When they removed the leg, there were all these clots that released and went up to his brain causing a stroke. We thought he was doing better, but I got a call from my Dad the day before my birthday that he passed away the night before. I'm glad I remember him as I do and not suffering in some hospital toward the end. But I wish I had taken the time to go out and visit, have dinner with him and chat about stuff. Now it's too late and I feel awful.

Got kicked again when I got sick for my birthday, so we didn't do anything.

Punched again on Christmas Eve when Scott woke up and told me he was too sick to go to my mom's and I shuold go by myself. He was erally sick, and I didn't want to force him to go, but I didn't want to spend Christmas without him. We ended up going out Christmas day and coming back that night. Missed chruch with my mom and dinner at Emeril's on Christmas Eve though.

The TKO came the following week, when my beautiful Nilla passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I cried nonstop for days until I was so sickI couldn't get out of bed all New Year's weekend. I miss my little girl - it's not fair she was taken from us so soon.

So 2010 can suck it. Good riddance. 2011, you better not let me down!

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