Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy Day

First attempt at blogging from my iPhone, so bear with me.

A lot has happened in the past few months, but I haven't documented it here yet. I will. But I want to write about this first.

As I walked out of the house this morning, it was raining lightly. I walked to the dumpster to throw the trash when I noticed the sound of the rain hitting the many trees on the side of the mountain. I love the sound of rain, but this was like a large rain orchestra playing a piano (meaning "softly", not the instrument, for you non-band geeks) section of the piece before the crescendo. It was lovely.

I got in the car thinking "Why can't I work from home so I can take a few extra minutes and enjoy this, rather than rushing off because I might miss the train?" I want to take a walk and enjoy nature's concert, admire the fall colors, smell everything so fresh and so clean clean. ;) Then I'll go have a fresh cup of coffee as I take out my spinning, picking colors to resemble the fall landscape. I'll find a good rainy day movie to watch while I'm spinning, because I find daytime TV insufferable. Of course I'll take several breaks to play with a bunny and refill my coffee cup. I'll put some chicken soup in the crock pot for dinner and bake some fresh bread to go with it and the whole house will smell amazing.

But instead, I am on the train on my way to a sloppy, wet jaunt to the office where I will answer emails, measure a ton of tee shirts and try to figure out the fit problems with our new line, the whole time fantasizing about the Martha Stewart life I've described above. Maybe someday. Publisher's Clearing House, are you reading this? Please come visit me with the big check in my name this time. :) You can even stay for dinner.

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