Friday, November 4, 2011

Where I've been

Actually, I've been here all along. Just been busy. You know, with stuff.

Staring with Irene. Bitch. We heard there was this big storm coming and there would probably be flooding. Our driveway always washes out, and we had just had it repaired from the Spring washout (no shit, WEDNESDAY before Irene the shit was fixed!) when Irene came in.

Oh great. It's raining. It's doing whatever it's doing, but it's early Sunday morning and I want to sleep. But no. Scott is waking me up excitedly saying "You have to come see this!" Whatever it is, won't it be much more impressive a few hours from now, like when I'm awake? Whatever. I put on my glasses and go look out the window. Wow - the pond is in the backyard now. Impressive. I go back to sleep.

"I'm going to take a walk outside and make sure everything is okay" he says as he wakes me again. "Okay" I mumbled. At least he won't be waking me up while he's outside. I go back to sleep.

2 seconds (I swear, it felt like 2 seconds) later there is a hand shaking my foot. "I may need your help with something." Oh, Christ - I know what it is. I distinctly remember asking SOMEONE to move the car yesterday. But it wasn't moved. So I got dressed and went outside to see this:

What the everloving fuck? Would the car start? Would he be able to get it out of there? Fortunately, the answers were yes and yes, but there was water in the floor pan and it smelled for weeks.

Yay! The car is safe! I can go back to bed! I go back in the house, put my jammies back on and step into the bedroom - splat! There is now water coming up through the floor in the bedroom - the only carpeted room in the house! So fuck sleep, I'm sucking up as much water as I can with a Shop Vac, but the minute I stop it just comes right back up. Scott goes to see if the neighbors need help and I just keep vacuuming. A few minutes later an alarm starts going off - I'm not sure where. It's loud and chirpy. then I remember that he put a water sensor in one of the hall closets in case water got in - that must be it.

So I'm vacuuming up all the water and I can't go shut off the stupid chirpy thing because the water will just get out of hand. Finally, Scott comes back as this thing is beeping away. "There's an alarm going off in the hall." I said. "I think there might be some kind of emergency." He shut it off and I continued.

After about an hour or so the water stopped coming in, but the carpet had sponged up most of it. We tried using a disinfectant, but there was too much moisture in the carpet for too long and we had to rip it out. We lost some furniture too, but we were fortunate - many people had it much worse.

Here are some of the photos:

The camp next door:

Our pond (I think):
The pool next door at Krucker's:
Scott in the driveway:
The other fun started the day before when our upstairs neighbors moved out, but that's a whole other post.

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