Thursday, May 21, 2009

Connecticut Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival

I picked up Dawn and Cathy at the Darien train station and we drove up to Vernon, CT for the CT Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival. It was small, but I've decided that's a good thing. For one, you could actually get into a booth and look at stuff because it wasn't crowded. No long lines for food or bathrooms either. And we were able to see the whole thing before noon.

The other plus of a fair this size is you don't break the bank because there aren't as many places to spend your $$ as in a big fair. :)
This baby goat was adorable! They had him behind the counter in a rubbermaid container. His sweater was a sleeve that was cut off of a sweatshirt.

So here's what I scored:
- the last red CTSW tee shirt
- Some purple/Teal dyed silk caps
- Purple/pink merino/tencel
- Grey Icelandic
- Seafoam alpaca/angelina (although the label says "mauve" 0_O)
- White cormo/alpaca/bunny
- a wooden bunny diz (see it on top of the silk caps?)

Also not pictured is a grey cotswold/barbados fleece I purchased for $8 and dropped at a mill to process into batts for another $12. I'll probably get it back in time for Rhinebeck in the fall. It's a short staple, but I had to try the Barbados, since that was the sheep that wandered into my yard in Spring Valley on Christmas Eve 5 years ago.

Cathy scored a dye kit and some yummy suri!

Dawn wins, having scored the most stuff! Including some new Goldings and a beautiful cormo/alpaca fleece that is almost pure white.

Here's a close up of the fleece, which she was nice enough to share with Cathy and me. :)

We decided to bring the group back next year - we'll do the fair in the AM and then hit WEBS in the afternoon.

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