Thursday, May 21, 2009


So Mr. Bunny was unsure as to whether or not to go to his nephew's graduation until I reminded him of how much Mark busted ass to get his degree. So we drove up.

It didn't take as long as I expected - only about 3 1/2 hours. Saw lots of fishermen on the way. I drove until just past Binghamton and then he took over.

It was fun to see everyone, especially since it was a happy event. It was nice to see Mark walk across the stage at the convocation. We walked around campus afterwards and took pictures, none of which I have downloaded yet.

Mr. B and I went to the mall and had dinner and then went back to our hotel. I got a kick out of the "No fish or hip waiters allowed in hotel" sign. That and the fact that there was a duty-free shop across the street, we were that close to Canuckistan.

Sunday was COLD! We had breakfast at Mark's apartment and then walked to the dome for graduation. Joe Biden was the guest speaker - I thought they'd have much more security than they did. I've had a tougher time bringing a bag into Yankee Stadium. The ceremony was nice, but long. We went out to brunch afterwards and then back to Mark's for a nap. We went to the mall later with Lisa, Debbie and big Mark and shopped until they closed. I got some nice magazines at Borders.

We had originally planned to leave before dinner, but Mr. B was having fun with his family, so I said we could stay if he drove home. The restaurant was great and we had such fun with the family! It was worth the late night just to hear Linda make fun of Paul with his ipod by saying "If that thing had a vagina he'd marry it!"

I think we got home around 2. Or something. Anyway I can't believe he graduated already. Seems like it was only last year he was starting out as a freshman.

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