Thursday, May 21, 2009


We've been hearing them for days when we get home at night - chirp chirp chirp - out by the pond. So on Sunday we took a walk around the pond. First we spotted a baby turtle sitting on one of the fallen trees. He was tiny!

As we continued around the pond and into the woods it got muddy. We had to keep walking farther out from the pond to avoid the mud and we kept hearing them sing in the heat - it sounded like a loose fan belt on a rainy day - just a continuous squeak.

And then we found the other pond. It was a small pond off of a secondary pond off of the big pond. And it had about 30 frogs in it - swimming around, hopping up on rocks and playing. Some of them were puffing out their necks to attract the ladies. We sat and watched them for close to an hour. Sorry, no pics. :(

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