Friday, May 8, 2009

First Game at the New Stadium

Sunday, April 19

Finally! My first game at the new stadium! While I still think the Steinbrenners are asshats for moving out of the House That Ruth Built, I have to admit the new ball park is nice. There are so many more escalators/concession stands/bathrooms that there are hardly lines for anything.

But $9 for a fucking Coors Light? Really? I asked the beer vendor loudly "Aren't you gonna kiss me first?" I've since learned that Beers Around the World is right near my seats on the grandstand level and it's so worth the extra $2 for a Guinness instead.

The guys who have the seats next to mine - Angel and Kevin - are pretty cool. We had some good laughs - especially about how the premium seats are mostly empty while the grandstand and bleachers are packed. It shows where the real fans are.

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