Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's about ready!

The garden, that is. We spent the weekend weeding and measuring and digging and putting down weed block and the garden is almost ready for plants. We just need to finish the fence. Damn deer took it out last summer. We have a silt fence up around the lower half - we just have to secure the posts and string twine for the upper part and then Mr. bunny has to put the door on. He built this great door frame for the corner of the garden - now it will be so much easier to get in and out. For us, not the deer. They have to stay out.

I'm planning to get plants and put them in this weekend. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and collard greens. Plus seeds for peas and lettuce. And flowers, but I don't know which kind yet until I see them.

We've added two new bird feeders - a finch feeder and a hummingbird feeder. Hopefully we'll attract some new birdies this weekend.

Mr. B. came up with a cute name for the lone goose who's been hanging around - "Slappy Feet" - because of the way his feet slap when he walks around. He knows we feed him now - we bring bread out for him almost every morning - so when he sees the front door open he comes running. He was a gosling last summer and the neighbor's dog got hold of him and tore his wing. He wasn't able to fly south, so he's been hanging out all winter. You can still see that his wing is damaged, but he's done all right for himself.

We also have two goose couples in the yard - one childless couple and another couple with two babies. They're so cute! I'm going to try to get some pictures this weekend if they don't run away from me too fast.

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