Thursday, May 21, 2009


Fifth one! This is how it all started five years ago. Lisa and I went to MDSW in 2004 and I saw a woman spinning wool on a drop spindle. I bought my first spindle - a Louet student spindle - and she gave me some wool with it. I thought it would be fun to keep on the end table and spin once in a while. Now look what happened.

Five years later I'm teaching two spinning classes, running a spinning meetup group and can no longer walk in my "walk in" closet for all the fiber and yarn in there. And yet I'm off to buy more.

I took the train to Philly Friday night where Lisa picked me up and we went to an awesome restaurant for dinner. Best butternut squash ravioli ever!

The next morning, Sheba and her new BF Ranxez picked us up (after I gave them the wrong address - oops!) and we went down to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Yeah, I know I was just at CTSW last weekend - never mind that. It was raining on the way down, but it stopped once we parked the car and didn't rain the rest of the day.

We got in the tee shirt line first since I figured the selection would be better earlier. I taught a woman how to ply-on-the-fly while we were waiting in line.

I stopped by the Ravelry party and the first person I met was GrimReaper and her husband - an LSGer from Philly. We finally found the LSG crowd and I got to meet a whole lot of cool bitches I chat online with regularly, like PoorLuci, Lizardsmells and Eudyptula.
I left the Rav party and shopped for a while before catching up with Lisa again. I went to Retroknit's book signing and got her book - Vintage Baby Knits - which is awesome! The Lisa and I split for a bit and I caught up to Sheba and Ranxez (who is incredibly nice, BTW) and Sheba's friend Dan came by. We've stayed at Dan & Marni's house in previous years, since they're only 20 minutes from the fairgrounds. I ended up giving another spinning lesson to a little girl and her mom while were were just hanging out talking.

We stayed not quite until the end. I didn't photograph my stash enhancements, but I did get:
- some purple Paca-Peds sock yard
- multicolor dyed mohair roving
- Noro Kureyon (to make the Fake Isle hat I saw the girl making at CTSW)
- a 40" size 4 addi turbo to do my Socks That Rock on magic loop (some of you have no idea what that means)
- some beautiful brown suri-boo (suri alpaca and bamboo)
- Some brown and purple cormo roving

Note I did not buy the OMGSOFUCKINGCUTE baby angora bunnies that I had to go back and pet three times. That's because they were all sold already.

We left the fair and dropped Lisa back at her house and Ranxez insisted on driving me home. To Rockland. Even though they would have to turn around and drive an hour south again to go home. Super nice guy. I'm really happy for Sheba!

Well, that's it for the fiber fairs until fall.

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